No songs for this band.

J´N was formed in autumn 2003 by Matthias, Marc, Thomas, Mike and Markus in Duisburg/Germany.
Two years after JANE (Alveran Records,Beniihana Records) split up, the former members decided to kill the "A" and "E" and play together in a new band. They started rehearsing and writing new songs. Four of them were recorded in a very nice studio in spring 2004. These 4 songs appeared as a free online demo at www.jnrocks.com in April 2004.
Their music could be described as a mix between different styles of metal, rock and hardcore elements.

In autumn 2004 J´N signed to the Austrian hardcore label Burning Season Records and will release a nice MCD in spring 2005. The band is still playing shows, so watch out.